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When I awoke, I could not see anything and my head hurt. I could hear someone whispering in another room.

I told you not to hurt her.

Sorry man, she was struggling, I rape movie didn't want to get caught.

Here, get outta here.

I could not see anything, there was something covering my eyes and I could not move. I was tied to some kind of chair or something. I thought I heard a door close and some one breathing heavily. The stranger in the room was closer now and I heard some rustling near me.

Something cold was on my leg, scissors! He was cutting my clothes off! I tried to struggle as he slowly cut each piece of my clothing off but it was no use, I was tied securely. As my long skirt slid off, he began to cut my blouse. I was left in a bra, panties, thigh highs and shoes. He ran his hand down my neck, down between my breasts, down my abdomen, he pressed hard as his hand slid down into my panties and then lifted them a little. I felt the scissors slide up my leg again and clip my panties between them, then on each side. He took his time and I thought I could sense his excitement in my fear. The scissors slid up further and cut the center of my bra open. He set the scissors down and grabbed my breasts hard. He squeezed my nipples and I whimpered. He let go and picked rape movie something up.

Once again, he pinched one of my nipples hard, I heard a snap and I flinched, he clamped it tight with something and did the same to my other one. They were aching and I was afraid. I was startled when my chair back was reclined a little, then whatever my legs were tied to moved open more, so far that my pussy lips parted a little and my ass was completely exposed. With each moment that passed, I grew more and more afraid. I wondered what I was tied to then, it wasn't an ordinary chair for sure. I was no longer sitting on a flat thing but more resting on two separate things. I was completely vulnerable in this position. I heard the door open and close again and I was left alone for what seemed like a long time. My nipples ached and I was cold.

When he came back in the room, he didn't come to me right away. I heard noises but I couldn't figure out what he was doing. His footsteps came near and a warm slippery liquid was being poured on my stomach. It ran down into my pussy, it felt good but I didn't make a sound. He rubbed the liquid all over my pussy and then my ass. I hoped that he would not touch me there but I couldn't stop him. My seat back was raised up; I was sitting up straight now.

He grabbed my mouth and held it open he shoved his enormous cock in and said, rape movie Suck it bitch!

I had no choice. His cock was so big that I could hardly get my mouth around it and as he began to fuck my mouth, he got more excited and started to shove it down my throat. I couldn't even gag. I struggled to catch a breath whenever he pulled out far enough. As he fucked me, something brushed up against my pussy opening. It started to enter me, whatever it was, it was only about as thick as a finger, but both of his hands were on my head. I didn't know how much longer I could stand him fucking my mouth before I passed out. The thing inside of my pussy started to move too and I felt a sensation begin to build inside of me, I was being tortured and pleasured at the same time. He was fucking my mouth and throat so hard and fast now that I couldn't breathe. Then he jammed his throbbing cock all the way inside and down my throat and shot his load in me, I thought I was going to die and then I started to have and orgasm, I shuddered and as I finished he withdrew from my mouth and I gasped in the air I desperately needed.

He tightened the clamps on my nipple and then left the room. I was aching and mad at myself for having an orgasm. After a long while, I was exhausted and I began to doze off but I heard the door again. He came over to me and poured more of the hot liquid on my pussy. I could feel him between my legs; he rubbed the head of his cock against the opening of my pussy and then jammed it in hard. I cried out, he was huge and it hurt! He held himself inside of me. He slowly withdrew and then rammed me again. My pussy was stretched to the max around his cock. He pounded me for a while then he stopped.

I couldn't tell what he was doing. I felt rape movie something touch my ass and I begged him, Please don't do this. I dreaded what he was going to do next. I felt the enormous head of his cock against my ass. Please, Please don't do this, I begged. He grabbed my waist and pulled himself into me hard. I felt like I was splitting in two. He ground himself into my slippery ass and fucked me hard. His hard cock pumped faster and faster and then he slowed down, it was torture. He pulled his cock all the way out and then slammed it in again. He grabbed my bouncing tits and played with the clamps that squeezed my big round nipples. He kept pulling his thick cock out only to ram it in harder the next time. He was fucking my ass rougher and rougher and as he slammed into me for the last time, I felt his hot load pulsing into my tight, slippery ass.

When he pulled out I was exhausted and I thought he would leave, as he had before. He walked a few steps and I think he pulled a chair out. Then someone straddled me and sat on my lap. It was a female. She pressed her breasts up against mine and rubbed my pussy with her own. This was unreal. Her skin was creamy soft and her breasts were full with hard nipples. She began to kiss my neck and worked her way down to my hard, pinched nipples. She licked the tips that poked out of the clamps. She tightened the clamps, then snapped one off and quickly sucked my nipple into her mouth. It felt wonderful! She licked my soft nipple in circles while she popped the other clamp off then went to work on the other one. She kissed her way down between my thighs and ran her hands down my thighs over my thigh-highs.

I could feel my pussy getting wet and I could not believe a woman was making me feel this way. She slowly licked the edges of my pussy lips and darted her tongue inside lightly. Her tongue flipped softly across my clit a few times and she played gently at the wet opening with her fingers, as though they were running in place. Her hands were soft and I could feel and orgasm beginning to build. She slid one finger in, then two, she moved them expertly, slowly stretching them apart or turning them around or almost signaling to come to her. Before I knew it, I shuddered into an orgasm.

She didn't stop though. She took her fingers out and was doing something while she was lapping my juices. I was in ecstasy! Her tongue glided all rape movie over my pussy. She wiggled her fingers a little while she licked and sucked my juicy pussy. She fucked me with her tongue. I was moaning loudly and I came so hard! When I finally stopped coming, she licked all of my juicy cum.

The stranger came over to me then and with out warning, slammed his meaty cock into my dripping pussy. She straddled me again and planted kisses down my neck while she played with my tits. He pulled out of me and then she moaned, he was fucking her pussy now while her clit rubbed back and forth against mine. Then he slammed back into me. He took turns fucking our juicy pussies until he squirted his load on us and rubbed it all over with his cock.

He left the room then and I could hear water running. She was humming as she came nearer to me. She began to give me a sponge bath. The hot soapy water felt so good. I was more tired than I could ever remember being. She washed my breasts first and as the water ran off my nipples, they got hard again. She took advantage of it and snapped the clamps on again. I winced and pleaded with her to take them off. She kept humming to herself as she washed my body. When she got between my legs, she played with my clit and fingered me while she washed. When I was done, she covered me with a silky sheet and left the room. After a while, I dozed off.

I awoke startled as my chair dropped suddenly and I landed with a cock inside of me, then another thick cock was stuffed into my pussy. Talk about a rude awakening! I opened my mouth in protest but rape movie instead I got a pair of tits. I sucked the perky nipples gently and kissed them, somewhat lost in the moment. I felt so full and was really beginning to like being fucked in the ass. I also wanted to thank this woman for the pleasures she gave me.

It wasn't long before my holes were loaded with cum and the cocks were gone. The back to my chair dropped back and a pussy was thrust on to my face. I didn't want to do this and I tried to resist but she pressed down on my face so I began to lick her softly. Then I sucked her clit and flicked it with my tongue. I rather liked the taste of her sweet juice. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy. I was really starting enjoy her when I heard a buzzing sound. Someone slipped something inside of her and she moaned in pleasure. I was teasing her pussy with my tongue and kissing it all over with my wet lips.

I felt a slap on my pussy and jumped a little which drove me deeper into her. She pressed herself down harder on my face and then someone started licking my pussy again. I could not tell how many people were in the room with me. Someone grabbed my tits and played roughly with them, someone was teasing my pussy, and there was a pussy on my face! I lost track of all that I was feeling. This was so euphoric and my head was swimming.

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