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He returned in about half an hour with a push cart and two large musical equipment crates on it. You know the kind, like you see roadies carrying around backstage at concerts? In no time at all he'd picked us up and loaded us each into one of the boxes and then I felt the bumping around as we were loaded into a truck. The trip took a long time and I will admit that he was careful to take care of us. Each hour or so he'd stop the truck and then come back to open the boxes and let us have some fresh air before moving on. I couldn't see anything, but I did guess that we were heading into the mountains after a few hours when my ears popped from the pressure changes.

I'm guessing it was at least six hours of driving before we finally stopped and he unloaded us. When Matt opened up the boxes Ashley and I found ourselves in the oddest little prison. We were clearly in the basement of a house right off the garage as I could see it. Matt took me to a little room with a large steel door and guided me inside where he sat me down on a comfy bed and then took my ankle and locked a shackle on it. I looked and saw that the shackle had a strong looking chain that was very securely bolted into the concrete wall. There was no escape possible.

Welcome home. He took off the ropes around me and then removed my gag and my blindfold. I saw my captor standing there, a good looking man, maybe six feet tall, close cut blond hair, and a very masculine face set by two sapphire-blue eyes. I took a quick glance around the room, my new home, and realized it was a very comfortably appointed prison cell, complete with a little bathoom of its' own. japanese rape

Where are we? And where's my baby?

He laughed.

You two wanted to stay with me, well, here you are! This is my home and we're well away from the rest of the world here. This was my parents place before they died and I took and did something special with the basement as you see. You two are my first guests here since you were dumb enough to ask to be kidnapped. He left the cell for a minute and then came back with Melissa. Here's our daughter, so don't worry. You didn't think I'd leave here japanese rape there all alone? Shit!

He walked out and closed the steel door securing me and Melissa in the cell that was our new home and then he went off to get Ashley taken care of. The day went by and he brought me Melissa's things and a warm bottle for her and a warm dinner for myself. Then I heard Ashley scream as he raped her again. She called him a monster and he replied that his name was 'Matt' before he slapped her and silenced her reminding her that she'd asked for this. I sat there holding Melissa and I trembled as it began to dawn on me that the three of us were in very serious trouble, especially now that we'd seen his face.

Ashley whimpered as Matt fucked her and told her how sexy she was and how tight her pussy was on his cock. She never said another word to him but I did hear her yelp a little every now and then and I guessed that her pain was from Matt thrusting his cock deep into her. Finally, I heard him grunting and I could even hear their bodies slapping together with the force of their mating until, with a moan of sheer pleasure, Matt signaled his orgasm. I imagined his cock twitching in Ashley's pussy as Matt filled her with more of his sperm. I sat there and could not believe what we'd gotten ourselves into; a life as sex slaves to this man. A life we'd actually asked for.

Ashley cried all night and never said anything when I tried to talk to her. She was clearly traumatized and japanese rape when we later spoke she told me that she was horrified that her rash words to Matt trapped both of us in this situation and the responsibility was crushing to her.

The next morning Matt brought both of us breakfast and I ate while feeding Melissa and it was maybe an hour later when Matt came and took Melissa to Ashley and told her to snap out of her depression and take care of her niece. I heard her say 'Okay' and then her door was closed and locked. Matt came back to my cell door and looked in at me.

Your turn.

I didn't react as he came up to me and guided me to the wall where a pair of handcuffs dangled from a bar. He took off my robe, the only thing he'd given me to wear, and then I sheepishly let him cuff me to the bar with my butt facing back at him. I didn' care to look as I heard him undress and I just gave myself over to the inevitable as I felt his warm hands on my hips. He japanese rape motioned for me to spread my legs and I didn't argue with him. His cock ran up against my pussy and he went Mmmmmm as his hands ran over my breasts, lingering on my nipples to excite them. I was shocked at my own reaction as my nipples hardened and a rush of sexual excitement ran over me.

Yeah, he murmured, I can feel you getting wet...yeah

I felt betrayed by my body as it responded to Matt's attentions and got ready for sex. I felt his fingers probe my pussy and then he took and pressed his cock up against my slippery warmth.

Uhnnnf! japanese rape

I arched my back as he pushed at me and his cock slipped all the way into me in one slow, steady thrust. I resolved not to cry or say anything to give anymore pleasure to him as his cock pumped at me with a firm and steady rhythm. I felt him go deep into me every few strokes and it occured to me that this would've hurt before Melissa was born. Now, feeling his cock so deep inside me, it seemed to be natural to have a man plowing me. I was shocked at myself in the middle of this reverie as I realized that he'd slowly stopped fucking me as I had started fucking myself on him.

I didn't care.

We fucked japanese rape each other like that for quite a while and when I finally looked over my shoulder at him he kissed me. And I kissed him back. What had started out as my rape had become our fucking and somehow I'd allowed that to become our lovemaking. The eroticism of the moment swept over me as his lips sought mine while one hand loving caressed my throat and the other held across my belly, pulling my body into his eager cock.

I was disappointed as his pace began to quicken and I felt him thicken inside me. Our toungues met and tangled as I felt him spurt his seed into me. We held our pose together as that lovely cock of his pumped cream into me and I snuggled my ass back at him, trying to get him deeper into my body.

I felt exhausted and empty when he drew himself from me. I remained silent as he unlocked the handcuffs and then lay me back on the bed. He gently spread my legs and took me by surprise as his softened cock slipped into me again as he lay himself on top of me. I was lost in my lust and gave myself over to kissing my lover and running my hands over his back and through his hair as his own hands kneaded my breasts and pulled my hips tight against him.

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