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Jennifer, you better hurry up! my mother called from downstairs. I was snapped back to reality by it, and quickly turned the water off and dried my body off although there was still wetness between my legs. I wrapped a towel around my body, and went into my room to get dressed.

Just as I was about to drop the towel, my older brother came in. He walked up to me, and started to grind his crotch against my ass. Just as he was about to reach around and touch one of my tits, I grabbed his balls and stopped him. This was our daily ritual. This had gone on since I was in the 7th grade, and it didn't bother me anymore.

I dropped the towel and dog rape admired my body in my full length mirror for a moment. I had my hair cut for the first time in a long time about a year ago, but it had grown back to about halfway down my back again. I quickly combed my hair, I never did anything special with it, and began to run my hands down my body. Around my neck, I stopped briefly over my C cup breasts, and just massaged them for a moment. Down my slip tummy, and to my pubic mound. I kept my hair trimmed down there, and ran my fingers through it. I reached down alittle farther, over my exposed clit and soft pink pussy lips. I was getting myself very wet.

C'mon Jen lets move! my mom yelled again. I sighed, first in the shower and again in my bedroom.. I was getting very frustrated. I grabbed the shorts and slid them over my smooth legs and quickly slipped the bra and shirt on.

I ran downstairs and we left for school, no time for breakfast although I was never a big fan of it. My mother drove as fast as she could, school was going to start in a few minutes and she hated to make me late even though I always made myself late for class anyway.

After we arrived, she told me goodbye and I went into the school and went to my locker stopping a few times along the way to talk to friends. I grabbed my books for 1st hour and went to class. It was very boring, although it did seem like all dog rape the boys in class were staring at me even more than they usually did, which was a lot!

After class I went to my locker and looked in the mirror on the door. I then realized I had forgotten to wear panties that day! I had no problem if I went without them when I wore the skintight blue jeans like I almost always did, but with these shorts somebody could be able to see a lot. I moved the mirror down, trying to draw as little attention as possible, and looked closely at the shorts. Thankfully, I couldn't see anything through the fabric of the tight blue shorts I was wearing. I grabbed the books and headed for my 2nd class.

This class was also boring, with the usual guys staring at me and trying to talk to me and touch me. I left the class as soon as the bell rang, went to my locker and off to 3rd hour I went. This class was worst than most, as a boy sat next to me seemed to stare at me and bug me even more than the others.

As usual, he constantly talked to me and looked at me. I was nice to him like always, even though I don't know why. After class, I walked down the hallway to my locker with that boy dog rape following me, since his locker was just a few away from mine.

I stopped to talk to my a girlfriend, and lost track of time. I grabbed my books for 4th hour, but I had to pee. I went to the girls bathroom and headed for the stall. I didn't even notice that someone came in behind me and locked the bathroom door. I stepped into the stall and slid down my shorts, then turned around to close the door.

I turned and was greeted with a hand on my face, it was the creep that always stared at me in math class! What the hell was he doing in here?? I tried to get his hand off of me so I could scream, but he was freakishly stronger than I expected him to be.

He pushed me up against the brick wall, I chose the stall dog rape on the end. The stones were extremely cold, despite the hot weather, and I immediately jolted my bare ass away from it.

I'm glad you want it too baby, the pig said, obviously thinking the movement I made was an invitation. I suppose it could have been taken like that. He moved his hand and immediatley pushed his mouth on to mine, and with his tongue forced my lips apart. His hands were on my tits right away, he was squeezing them very hard and it hurt even through the 2 layers of clothing.

When my mouth wasn't covered, I wanted to say something.. but I struggled to think of his name. I had talked to him many times, almost every day, but I never mentioned his name!

Steven! Steve, you dont have to do this.. please don't do this! Just stop now and I won't tell anybody! Please.. I could be such a drama queen, but I knew he dog rape wouldn't buy it. Truth was, I wasn't completely sure if I wanted him to stop.

I got friends in this school.. you tell anybody, you'll have thirty guys doing this to you and killing you when they're done. he warned me. I decided to keep my mouth shut if I could.

He pulled the shirt over my head, and ripped off the black bra and began to suck on my nipples. He would lick it for a few seconds, then bite down on it with his teeth which also hurt. He rotated nipples for a few minutes before sliding down, gently kissing my tummy along the way.

Since I had taken off my shorts already, all he had to do was spread my legs with his strong hands to have free access to my wet pussy. I really wish I could have dog rape gotten off earlier before school, he must have thought I was so turned on by him.

He started running his tongue up and down my outer pussy lips, sucking on my clit for a second on the up part. After what seemed like forever, he concentrated on sucking on my clit and began fingering me. Just one finger, then he moved on to two. Once he had two in all the way, he looked up at me and smiled.

I knew you were lying when you said you were a virgin! he cackled. I told him I was one time because the whole class was joking about how many guys I had probably been with. I have been with 8-9 guys, several times with each, but none of them by force like this.

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